new (statement)


new statements initialize new variables into the current context. You cannot use a variable that has not been declared previously.

Declaring Variables

By using the new statement you create a new variable with a certain name. Variable names can be any combination of alphanumerical characters, but it may not begin with a number. For improved readability, the underscore character _ may also be used at any place in a variable name.

-- declaring a new variable:
new myVar
-- declaring a variable and assigning a value to it right away:
new myNumber = 2

new fls = (:)

for a = 1,10,2
  fls += a
(: 1 3 5 7 9 )

Extracting from a List

Optionally, you can extract a keyed entry from a list and use its value as a new local variable:

new myList = (: a=10 b=20 c=30)
new a, b, c in myList
print(a b c)
10	20	30